Annoucments for the week of March 4, 2012

Good afternoon,

There continues to be a great deal going on in Timebank Media. There is so much energy being put into this collective effort, and we want to keep you appraised, so that you can feel free to jump in and contribute (and earn time dollars!) when something strikes your fancy.

The Charles Eisenstein “Sacred Economics” book group is having its 5th of 6 meetings this Wednesday at my house (360 Kirk Lane, Media) at 7 pm. This book has been tremendously inspirational. I am happy to announce that Charles will be coming to visit us on the 26th of May, giving a full-day seminar on the intersection between the Transition movement and the gift economy (read “timebanking”), in celebration of Timebank Media’s first birthday on May 25th. That’s not all! Edgar Cahn, the founder of timebanking and a seasoned and well-respected social justice visionary will also be coming to give a keynote on May 25th. We have a few other speakers and musicians lined up (but yet to be confirmed) for the event, and we will continue to update you as the event materializes. We don’t know where the events will take place, or many of the particulars, but you should save the dates!

Speaking of Charles Eisenstein, we will continue the book group for another six weeks to read his book “The Ascent of Humanity,” The dates for that will be: March 21st, 28th, April 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th…again, at my house: 360 Kirk Lane, from 7 pm -8:30. I will put up more information on the calendar today. There is no need to have read “Sacred Economics” before reading “Ascent of Humanity.” In fact, “Ascent” was written before “Sacred Economics.” Don’t be shy about joining us.

March 13th (next Tuesday) is our first “It’s about Time” social, from 6:30 – 9:30 at Picasso’s. Come meet your fellow Timebank and Transition Town members for some fellowship and community in an informal setting. This will be a monthly event (every 2nd Tuesday), providing yet another way for our community to come together and get to know each other.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of introducing timebanking and crop-mobbing to the membership of Hillside Farm CSA (on Elwyn’s campus). We are partnering with Hillside to provide time dollars for their volunteers this summer, and in exchange Hillside will give us their space to hold events and help us market the timebank. It is a wonderful marriage of visions. I encourage you to join Hillside Farm as a CSA member if you have not already committed to a membership elsewhere. There are full, half, and work-shares available, as well as reduce-priced shares and shares that can be purchased with food-stamps. Their website is: Here are some great videos on the farm and its programs, made by Timebank Media member Rich Hoffmann: Enjoy!

Last week, Transition Town Media had a great meeting to discuss the idea of a local Health Care co-op. There were SO many people there, excited about this new initiative. If the idea of local, affordable, integrated health care excites you, feel free to contact the organizer Mary Jo Corley, who is a Timebank Media member. We hope to use the Timebank to further this initiative. Imagine, healthcare that you can pay partly or FULLY with time dollars. Doesn’t that make sense to you?

As always, there are some great new offers and requests in the Timebank this week, but we need more voices to be a fully-functional, self-sustaining community. Please, if you have not yet done so, put some offers and requests up and take part in this growing and thriving community.

Marie Goodwin
Timebank Media Coordinator

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