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How President Obama Can Beat the Odds and Make Good on His Commitments

by Edgar S. Cahn, CEO TimeBanks USA, Distinguished Professor of Law, UDC David A. Clarke School of Law In his Inaugural Address, President Obama make some commitments that seem to defy fiscal reality: “A little girl born into the bleakest poverty knows that she has the same chance to succeed as anyone else.” “We reject […]

Annoucments for the week of March 4, 2012

Good afternoon, There continues to be a great deal going on in Timebank Media. There is so much energy being put into this collective effort, and we want to keep you appraised, so that you can feel free to jump in and contribute (and earn time dollars!) when something strikes your fancy. The Charles Eisenstein […]

Occupy Wall Street

I got the following informational references concerning this movement from my friend Meenal on the mtairygreening list. It definitely provides you the links to learn more about this movement. I’m very interested in it especially as it is related to the Transition Town movement. If you’re wondering about what Occupy Wall Street is about, below […]

Celebrate Media

November Benefit for Media Non-Profits Brings Live Music & Dance to Media Theatre, Media, PA “Celebrate Media” is an entertainment showcase to be held at the Media Theatre (104 E. State Street, Media) November 9-11, 2011. All proceeds from the Celebrate Media events will be donated to non-profit organizations in Media which enrich the community […]

A gleaning party

What is a gleaning party? Well, I saw this on the Penn Permaculture list today. Would anyone be interested in starting a gleaning party? We would go out and harvest what a farmer can not get at, and we could decide what we would want to do with the harvest. Give to food shelves, can […]

Praise Police

Does this mean that we should praise our police for the excellent job they are doing? Well, we should always do that. But, what I’m thinking is a twist on what the normal police do. I’d like to have a police force that would promote good by actually praising people for doing good. People would […]

Compost coop

Do you want to compost food scraps, newspapers and leaves without the hassle of maintaining a compost pile in your apartment or back yard? Do you want to learn about composting without committing to a worm bin or a big pile? Then you should join our Compost Coop! Doesn’t this sound like a good idea? […]

Yard sharing initiative

Together with Transition Town Media, we are expanding an idea that was started by the Food sub-group of TTMedia, lead by Marion. The idea is to organize our community’s back yard assets so that they can be better utilized by our community. There are many references about this: Gardenshare Sharing a garden A garden for […]

Photos by Sean Capuano

Click here to see them. Thank you Sean.

Launch Party was a Huge Success

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to make the party enjoyable for everyone. More updates to come about the raffle winners, members, and photographs. So stay tuned. [flagallery gid=1 name=”Launch Party”]