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2nd Annual Gift Circle on March 25th

Join TimeBank Media and Transition Town Media as we host the 2nd Annual Gift Circle and Timebank Media potluck. Gather with friends as we eat together and then sit and offer our gifts to one another. The potluck dinner will be first, starting at 6:00. At 7:30, we will gather in a circle and start. […]

Timebanking and Gift Economics

Timebanking, I think, is a really fun experiment in building community. The Transition Town initiative has found it to be the web of support for all of the work that is done through that organization, supporting and binding people together. And as we work, we build community. Because, isn’t that how you really get to […]

My New Favorite Word: Guanxi

Guanxi is my new favorite word. I may have it tattoo-ed on my body somewhere, that’s how much I love it. It pretty much embodies what I see as my work in the world and I’m very happy to know it exists. But my guess is that for most people in the US (and most […]

Timebanking in the News…the National News

You may have seen the ABC Nightly News story last week that featured the Louisville Timebank. It was wonderful to see timebanking hit the national stage, and so many people tried to find out about timebanking that evening it crashed Timebanks USA’s website! That’s wonderful news (not for the website admin, I’ll admit), because it […]

Yellow Pages Update & Volunteer Gathering

I made an autocratic decision… (actually that is an exaggeration, but I like to be provocative.) Last year, the volunteer committee decided that we would  ask everyone to change their user names to their real names, rather than a coded name. The reason for this? It is very hard to find people in the Timebank […]