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Timebank Media Potluck Social: March 26, 2013

Mark your calendars! We are gathering the tribe in March…the timebank tribe. On March 26th, from 6 – 9 pm, we will eat a pot-luck together and then some people, completely voluntary (!), will share stories about timebanking in our community. How has it helped them? How have they gotten their needs met? How have […]

How President Obama Can Beat the Odds and Make Good on His Commitments

by Edgar S. Cahn, CEO TimeBanks USA, Distinguished Professor of Law, UDC David A. Clarke School of Law In his Inaugural Address, President Obama make some commitments that seem to defy fiscal reality: “A little girl born into the bleakest poverty knows that she has the same chance to succeed as anyone else.” “We reject […]

Do you have to live in Media?

We get asked one question, over and over again. “Do you have to live in Media?” “But I don’t live in Media, can I join?”

Timebank Media Survey

Supporting our membership means that our members need to be heard, so we created a survey to ask some questions about your experience, expectations, and wishes.

Timebank Gratitude Month and other announcements

Greetings Timebankers! I have a few annoucements to make about meetings and planned community events. Annoucement 1:  First of all there is a Timebank Volunteer meeting this upcoming Sunday, November 11th from 4 – 5:30 pm at my house, 360 Kirk Lane, Media PA.  We want to welcome anyone who has ideas, gifts, and some […]

Help for the Natural Born Packrat

by Carol Kennedy, Timebank Media Member   I am a natural-born packrat. Have trouble getting rid of stuff. So I found myself being a relatively new member of the Media Time Bank with too many clothes in my closet. Things that used to fit me, things that used to look nice on me, things that […]

Timebank Success Story

by Louise Bierig   I bought my bike, a $350. Ross mountain bike, twenty-seven years ago, when I was ten. I paid for it with the earnings from my lawn mowing business. As a kid, I rode it around the neighborhood, with occasional trips to town or nature trails. When I went to college in […]

Timebanking in Transition Weekend: May 25th and 26th, 2012

Register for the Timebank training here. Register for the Charles Eisenstein workshop here.   You may have heard us talking about this exciting event we have been planning…for months. Whispers of it perhaps? Or maybe this post is the first time you are hearing about this. Timebank Media, along with our co-sponsors Swarthmore College and […]

“Lego-cy” in Time

by Diane Macbeth Can you guess what the picture is?  Take a good look and then a real good guess! Puzzled?  Don’t be.  It’s one of the greatest pieces of art work since Marvin the Martian appeared in “Duck Dodgers and the 24th and a Half Century”!  It’s a masterpiece!  A true work of art! […]

Potluck Joy – A Recipe with Purpose

by Diane Macbeth       Ingredients: 1 crisp Spring evening 1 large room 20 circular tables for eating 1 idea wall 4 large banquet tables filled with food 3 large banquet tables for “swapping” A few more table with information 13 local farmers About 40 friendly people (give or take)   When I opened […]