MGavatarMarie Goodwin, Timebank Media’s founder and one of the several volunteer coordinators, is available as a consultant for start-up timebanks to answer questions, do presentations, or otherwise consult with volunteers to make your timebank start-up experience as easy as possible. Mentorship is an important part of the pay-it-forward system in timebanking. All mentorship and consulting offered by Marie and the Timebank Media team is done in the gift economy.

You can begin by reviewing the general process below. Mentorship will help you with the fine-grained details, such as insurance issues, membership structure, dues, conflict resolution, to do/not to do background checks, how to launch, fundraising, 501(c)3 structure, state/federal paperwork, mission formulation, etc.

Seven Steps to Creating Your Time Bank (created by Autumn Rooney, Founder of the Echo Park Timebank)

1). First thoughts:

  • What do you want to achieve with your Time Bank?
  • Who do you see joining?
  • Who can you ask for help and support?

2. Learn about Time Banking and brainstorm:

  • Call up existing groups and talk to them.
  • Brainstorm with your friends and supporters.
  • Take a Time Banks training and learn how you can shape your Time Bank to fulfill your goals and your mission.

3. Form your advisory group.

  • Get buy-in from those who will help your Time Banks succeed.
  • Identify community members who are well suited for leadership roles (membership coordinator, outreach, event planning, tech support, match makers, etc).
  • Find a place where people can gather (a home, community space, church, public park, etc.)
  • Create an action plan.

4. Start your outreach work

  • Create a brochure or flyer and distribute them in the community or launch a simple blog or Facebook Page.
  • Prepare a members’ handbook and orientation materials.
  • Invite people to your first introductory potluck.

5. Hold your first meeting:

  • Have a potluck for friends and neighbors and introduce them to the idea of Time Banking. Ask them what they would like to give and receive.
  • Sign up your first new members.

6. Set up the first exchanges:

  • Help members set up their exchanges.
  • Seek out opportunities for group activities and projects.
  • Celebrate success!

7. Keep Going and Growing:

  • Turn to your members for ongoing ideas, support and energy.
  • Remember: Grow slowly and have fun!


Here’s what people have said:

The feedback I have received indicates that many minds were opened to new possibilities that were not envisioned previously.   I’m still trying to wrap my head around the beautiful foundation of living in the gift.    Your wisdom on this concept shone through and reached many in the group.  I am profoundly grateful.  It seems that new seeds have been sown  — Kim Latham, Transition Town Newton


“Marie Goodwin is an invaluable resource as a Time Bank mentor.  She has very generously, and patiently shared her insights and experiences, plus her marketing and outreach materials with our Time Bank.  When we were organizing an interest group to explore the founding of a Time Bank in our area, she came and helped us sort out the steps to manifest our vision.  She helped to clarify many of the technical issues involved in start-up to those interested in doing the ‘heavy lifting,’ while she was able to walk us through the fundamental working considerations in an accessible way, and not scare off the willing participants!  Marie has the creativity, people skills, conceptual understanding, organizational skills, and commitment to the mission to make her a superb Time Bank mentor!  I am sure our Time Bank will continue to benefit from her experience and insights, as we grow our membership.”
— Laura Philon, Delaware Hour Exchange


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