Potluck Joy – A Recipe with Purpose

by Diane Macbeth





1 crisp Spring evening

1 large room

20 circular tables for eating

1 idea wall

4 large banquet tables filled with food

3 large banquet tables for “swapping”

A few more table with information

13 local farmers

About 40 friendly people (give or take)


When I opened the doors to the Media Borough Community Center for the first time, I really didn’t know what to expect. Immediately I sensed a quiet cameraderie with people whom I had never met! I had my little potluck “goodies” and marched myself right up to the front of the room where I was met with a question from a sweet lady who was to become my friend for the evening. “Are you a farmer?” she asked. Oh, what a question! (In years past, I had plenty of farming experience, but for tonight’s purposes I was not a farmer.)  She directed me to take my potluck goodies to the back of the room where I was met by another lady who directed me to place my goodies on the table and asked me to slice the cornbread. I was in the hive and I was a worker bee already!  It couldn’t get any better than this – but it did. The cornbread lady took my slicer and asked if I had made my way up to the “swap” table. There was a lot of stirring in that direction, so away I went. The table was sprinkled with some truly delectable items – a real feast for the eyes.


There was an invitation to visit the idea wall, but by that time this worker bee headed back to the cornbread lady for more instructions. I really wanted to make a good impression — you know, like a Kitchen-Aid mixer. Too late! Someone grabbed a microphone and it was “high speed” to honor the farmers. 


What more can I say. After those farmers stood up and told us of the importance of planting, harvesting, selling, and the trials and tribulations of farm management, I felt humbled to be in their presence and now have a greater respect or their occupation and the time they spend serving others through their love of the earth.


My name is Diane. M friend for the evening was Linda. The cornbread lady was Carol. But this recipe would not have been possible without all of you who have come together for TimeBank Media. The home economics of this concept is beyond words for me. I had to leave early. I didn’t want to go. But in the two weeks I have been a “timebanker,” I have had pants hemmed, written an article, been invited to meetings, given a voice lesson, and had someone visit my son to play Legos. Friendships are vital. Sharing is a heartwarming experience. The timer has gone off, and the recipe is complete. Everyone has rising to the top of my book.

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