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Timebanking in Transition Weekend: May 25th and 26th, 2012

Register for the Timebank training here. Register for the Charles Eisenstein workshop here.   You may have heard us talking about this exciting event we have been planning…for months. Whispers of it perhaps? Or maybe this post is the first time you are hearing about this. Timebank Media, along with our co-sponsors Swarthmore College and […]

Improving our Community for Its Own Sake

— By Tam Mengine   Recently, whether at work, with friends, or certainly when succumbing to the lure of the internet, I find that I am audience to a complex web of debates.  Debates about the root cause of the world’s problems: the economic recession, the high price of gasoline, corporate conglomerates, the entitlement of […]

After Nearly 40 Years – E.F. Schumacher’s Small Is Beautiful

  — by Sean Keller, Timebank Media’s intern, 2011-2012 In 1973, economist E.F. Schumacher published Small Is Beautiful, a fabulous collection of essays on economics, though not the “economics” our society has become so familiar with over the past several decades. Even today, it remains a visionary book, with many of its hopes and dreams […]

Local currencies (psst, Timebanking is a type of local currency)

Transition Town Media is hosting an evening event at the end of November to highlight local currencies and their effects on a local, thriving economy. Media is ripe for such a currency; the Timebank here in Media (a form of alternate currency) is thriving. A printed currency, one that can only be spent in local […]