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Timebanking in the News…the National News

You may have seen the ABC Nightly News story last week that featured the Louisville Timebank. It was wonderful to see timebanking hit the national stage, and so many people tried to find out about timebanking that evening it crashed Timebanks USA’s website! That’s wonderful news (not for the website admin, I’ll admit), because it […]

“Lego-cy” in Time

by Diane Macbeth Can you guess what the picture is?  Take a good look and then a real good guess! Puzzled?  Don’t be.  It’s one of the greatest pieces of art work since Marvin the Martian appeared in “Duck Dodgers and the 24th and a Half Century”!  It’s a masterpiece!  A true work of art! […]

Improving our Community for Its Own Sake

— By Tam Mengine   Recently, whether at work, with friends, or certainly when succumbing to the lure of the internet, I find that I am audience to a complex web of debates.  Debates about the root cause of the world’s problems: the economic recession, the high price of gasoline, corporate conglomerates, the entitlement of […]

Ask, and you shall (probably) receive

At today’s Hedgerow Theatre event, the subject of “requests” in the Timebank came up. A very good point was made;  people don’t seem to be asking for things (we have fully 1/2 the number of requests as we do offers.)  And the requests that are there seem not to ever be fulfilled. Let’s discuss this… […]