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Do you have to live in Media?

We get asked one question, over and over again. “Do you have to live in Media?” “But I don’t live in Media, can I join?”

Timebank Media Survey

Supporting our membership means that our members need to be heard, so we created a survey to ask some questions about your experience, expectations, and wishes.

Improving our Community for Its Own Sake

— By Tam Mengine   Recently, whether at work, with friends, or certainly when succumbing to the lure of the internet, I find that I am audience to a complex web of debates.  Debates about the root cause of the world’s problems: the economic recession, the high price of gasoline, corporate conglomerates, the entitlement of […]

Local currencies (psst, Timebanking is a type of local currency)

Transition Town Media is hosting an evening event at the end of November to highlight local currencies and their effects on a local, thriving economy. Media is ripe for such a currency; the Timebank here in Media (a form of alternate currency) is thriving. A printed currency, one that can only be spent in local […]