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My New Favorite Word: Guanxi

Guanxi is my new favorite word. I may have it tattoo-ed on my body somewhere, that’s how much I love it. It pretty much embodies what I see as my work in the world and I’m very happy to know it exists. But my guess is that for most people in the US (and most […]

January 2014 TBM News

A New Year! 2014. What will Timebank Media do this year? Well, it is up to you, our community. The ebb and flow of life has seen some months go by without a Timebank Volunteer Committee meeting, so I would like to gather once again and bring together people for whom timebanking feels vital. Do […]

Timebanking in Transition Weekend: May 25th and 26th, 2012

Register for the Timebank training here. Register for the Charles Eisenstein workshop here.   You may have heard us talking about this exciting event we have been planning…for months. Whispers of it perhaps? Or maybe this post is the first time you are hearing about this. Timebank Media, along with our co-sponsors Swarthmore College and […]

“Lego-cy” in Time

by Diane Macbeth Can you guess what the picture is?  Take a good look and then a real good guess! Puzzled?  Don’t be.  It’s one of the greatest pieces of art work since Marvin the Martian appeared in “Duck Dodgers and the 24th and a Half Century”!  It’s a masterpiece!  A true work of art! […]

Potluck Joy – A Recipe with Purpose

by Diane Macbeth       Ingredients: 1 crisp Spring evening 1 large room 20 circular tables for eating 1 idea wall 4 large banquet tables filled with food 3 large banquet tables for “swapping” A few more table with information 13 local farmers About 40 friendly people (give or take)   When I opened […]

Ask, and you shall (probably) receive

At today’s Hedgerow Theatre event, the subject of “requests” in the Timebank came up. A very good point was made;  people don’t seem to be asking for things (we have fully 1/2 the number of requests as we do offers.)  And the requests that are there seem not to ever be fulfilled. Let’s discuss this… […]

Yard sharing initiative

Together with Transition Town Media, we are expanding an idea that was started by the Food sub-group of TTMedia, lead by Marion. The idea is to organize our community’s back yard assets so that they can be better utilized by our community. There are many references about this: Gardenshare Sharing a garden A garden for […]

Photos by Sean Capuano

Click here to see them. Thank you Sean.

NBC10 “Survive and Thrive” segment 5/18 to cover TimeBank Media

TimeBank Media coordinator Brendan O’Riordan will be on NBC10 on Wednesday 18 May in the 5:00pm hour to discuss TimeBank Media with Tracy Davidson, on her “Survive and Thrive” segment.

Fig Media Sustainability Blog Coming Soon: 1st Post covers TimeBank Media!

Hello everyone. I have been asked to write a blog for the Fig Media website ( covering topics like sustainability, environmental issues, and the like in the greater Media area. My first post will be about TimeBank Media and should appear this month, before the launch party, which is scheduled for May 24. Free viagra […]