Timebanking in the News…the National News

You may have seen the ABC Nightly News story last week that featured the Louisville Timebank. It was wonderful to see timebanking hit the national stage, and so many people tried to find out about timebanking that evening it crashed Timebanks USA’s website! That’s wonderful news (not for the website admin, I’ll admit), because it means that many, many more people will seek out timebanking all across the country, and even more will now know what you are talking about when you mention timebanking in conversation. If you know of news outlets or have contacts in the media in any way, pitch timebanking to them and see if you can get some press for us. The more people interested in (and joining) the timebank, the more variety of services we can offer our members. Win-Win.

Speaking of which, if you have a service that you would like to see in the timebank but that doesn’t yet exist make sure you do two things: a) put in a request for that service in the timebank, and b) think of who you know who might be able to provide this service and invite them to join the timebank. We depend on word of mouth to help us grow (and being an all-volunteer organization, we rely on that kind of thing day-in and day-out.) The best thing you can do in timebanking is to be your own advocate and ask people to join with whom trading makes sense for you.

Pretty Please!! Take a moment and go to this link to fill in your Yellow Pages listing.  If you have any trouble at all getting into your account, please don’t hesitate to write to me:  marie@timebankmedia.org.

The January Volunteer Meeting  will take place on January 31st in the Parlor Room at the Community Center from 6 pm – 7 pm (directly before the Transition Book Club gathering, which of course you are invited to attend.) Please come if you are interested in helping manage the timebanks networking and internal affairs. Many hands make light work, and there’s lots of work to be done. You will not be asked to do anything unless you are passionate about it, so please feel free to join us and test the waters.

In gratitude for each of you,

The abundant heart does not consider service a punishment or sharing a burden. Rather, it sees the unmet needs of the community as if they were those of a loved one and acts to meet them. –Stephen Shirk

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