Timebanking in Transition Weekend: May 25th and 26th, 2012

Register for the Timebank training here.

Register for the Charles Eisenstein workshop here.


You may have heard us talking about this exciting event we have been planning…for months. Whispers of it perhaps? Or maybe this post is the first time you are hearing about this. Timebank Media, along with our co-sponsors Swarthmore College and Equal Dollars Community Currency, are pleased to unveil our “Timebanking in Transition” Weekend, Friday May 25th and Saturday May 26th. Please join us in a celebration of one year connecting neighbors to neighbors, needs to gifts, and service to community.  We have the great pleasure of welcoming four exceptional individuals to our lovely town  to offer their gifts as writers, teachers, community organizers, and trainers. These two days will weave together how timebanking, the gift economy, and transition initiatives across the country are supporting community service, activism, and social change at a grass-roots, heart-centered level.

On Friday May 25th, we are offering a full-day timebank training. Whether you are interested in timebanking in general, want to add timebanking to your existing/planned Transition Town (or other community-based project), or want to deepen your relationship with Timebank Media specifically, this training is for you. The training is led by the dynamic Stephanie Rearick from the Dane County Timebank, the largest in the nation.  In this day-long workshop we will explore some cool things that are happening around the world, using cooperative economic tools that facilitate community problem-solving and incorporate new technological tools in global learning communities. Stephanie will work with us to envision how we can build a healthy society from the grassroots up and guide us through activities that trigger our own capacities for building. We’ll do some smaller group work to brainstorm how we can use some of our learning to achieve our own goals in our communities and will get some tools and practice so we’re ready to begin. You can get more information about the training from this Timebank Media webpage.

Keynoting the event Friday evening at 7 pm is Dr. Edgar Cahn, the inventor of Timebanking, and his wife Dr. Christine Gray. We are honored to have them both come and help us celebrate our one-year birthday, a year of success, hard work, and the enrichening of our community. The keynote is being held in the state-of-the-art and “green” Science Center, Room 101 on Swarthmore College’s campus. Edgar is an alum of Swarthmore College, and the College has helped Timebank Media and Transition Town Media immensely by co-sponsoring this event and granting us use of this space for the Friday evening keynote, and the Saturday workshop. Check out this webpage for more details about the event. If you need some details about where on Swarthmore’s campus this event will be held, and where to park, check out this page.

Speaking of the Saturday workshop, we are very pleased to bring Charles Eisenstein to Media to give a full-day workshop: The Transition Activist Intensive. If you are unfamiliar with Charles work, please check out this short film, as well as this viral video that recently made its way around internet. His books (“Sacred Economics” and “The Ascent of Humanity“) are highly logical, philosophical, yet heart-centered critiques of our culture, critiques that challenges deeply held “stories” we all tell ourselves about the world in which we live. This workshop promises to awaken the cultural critic in you, and give you a profound new perspective on “the more beautiful world our hearts tell us is possible.” This workshop is also being held in the Science Center, Room 101, on Swarthmore’s campus. More details and registration information can be found on this Timebank Media webpage. Pay close attention to parking restrictions, as this is graduation weekend at the College.

We hope you will join us for all three of these events in a most exciting weekend of learning and collaboration.



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