Yard sharing initiative

Together with Transition Town Media, we are expanding an idea that was started by the Food sub-group of TTMedia, lead by Marion. The idea is to organize our community’s back yard assets so that they can be better utilized by our community. There are many references about this:

I personally think this is a great way to share the wealth, that is, get food to those who need it.

We hope to engage our local community in sharing our environmental/backyard resources.

  • If we are using our backyard in growing vegetables and need help, this will be the place to come.
  • If we have a backyard that we are not using and would like someone to set up a garden, then this will be the place to come.
  • If we have a over-abundance of crops, then this will be the place to come and distribute it to those who are in need of food.

Apartment dwellers seeking land on which to garden should join the site.

We have set up a site on hyperlocavore where you can sign up and add the information about your yard. So, please join us.

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