Performance In Digital Marketing

Why choose between Branding or Performance when both are fully compatible with the strategy of a company, SME, or startup?

Branding provides you with actions to build and position your brand, but performance helps you measure whether these actions work or not in the short term and allows you to optimize them in such a way that you guide them to achieve the intended objective.

It is true that if we look at the part of the investment required by both disciplines, one will take more prominence according to the stage and needs of the company at that stage, because many times one does not have a budget for everything.

In that case, I would place Branding strategies in front of Performance Marketing’s list of priorities because something that has not yet been created cannot be measured, right?

What is performance?

Well, if you dedicate yourself to the Marketing sector, you will know how we like anglicism. But “Performance” is simply the Marketing of results. Paying for results is like working for goals; we all want it, right?

Yes, I also think that sometimes we spend a new matter from any little thing. Now it happens with performance, which although it deserves one or two subjects and all the content of the world, they present it to us as if it were something new that professionals are suddenly interested in. The results have always imported, either off or on.

But it is true that with the arrival of Digital Marketing, we have a multitude of tools on hand that help us to  จ้าง ทํา การ ตลาด ออนไลน์ and to measure results accurately in real-time and even, I dare to say, to optimize processes so that the results are better. For example, you make a Facebook Ads campaign, and you can optimize it by adjusting the parameters that define it so that it is improving and the results are better.

Well, that is Performance Marketing, but it led to many other fields, not only to campaign with Facebook Ads. This is a discipline that is used in SEM, Affiliate Marketing, Remarketing, Social ADS, Display, etc.

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