4 Important Insights On Two Wheeler Insurance

When you purchase a two-wheeler, having insurance is essential for so many reasons. One such reason being road accidents. Indian roads are not very safe, which leads to road-related deaths as well as accidents that might prove costly to you.

If you have two-wheeler insurance, you will have a complete financial protection against any damages caused to your vehicle because of natural as well as man-made calamities like earthquake, theft, fire, etc.

Coverage provided under third-party insurance:

Third party car insurance provides coverage against all the liabilities that arise due to the damage caused to a third-party involving your car. If there are any injuries caused or accidental death to a third-party, then it is also covered under the third-party insurance plans.

Coverage provided under comprehensive insurance

Under comprehensive insurance, both legal liability and own damages will be covered. You can also opt for add-on coverage benefits by paying a little extra premium, while some are available with no extracost.

Mentioned-below are four things you probably didn’t know your two-wheeler insurance could cover:

  1. Add-on cover

You might not know that with your two wheeler insurance policy you can also buy add-on covers known as Riders.

A Zero Depreciation Cover will protect you against depreciation. Coverage on all plastic, nylon, fiber or rubber parts of your vehicle is included.

If your area of residence has a problem of waterlogging, there are chances of the engine of your two-wheeler getting damaged. Therefore, another type of add-on cover is available that protects your engine. The insurers provide a roadside assistance add-on cover. Under this cover, round-the-clock services like towing, mechanic repair services, etc. are provided.

  1. Avoid paying for towing

In case there is an accident, and you have to drag your bike or scooter to a repair workshop, the two-wheeler insurance companies also pay for towing charges. There is a certain amount you will need to pay for the same.

  1. Personal Accident covers

There are a few two-wheeler insurance companies that will provide you with the option of purchasing a personal accident cover for the pillion rider as well.

  1. Get a long-term two-wheeler insurance

Now, insurance companies also offer long-term wheeler insurance that will provide coverage for your vehicle for three years.

With the help of this cover, you won’t have to worry about losing coverage or having to renew your policy every year. You can enjoy various benefits if you opt for a long-term insurance plan, such as getting concessions on premiums. Also, you won’t have to worry about the problems that arise from non-renewal of your insurance policy like policy lapse. When you purchase a long-term plan, you also save yourself from the annual hike in two wheeler insurance third party premium rates decided by your regulator.

Having two-wheeler insurance is necessary as it protects not only your vehicle but also your life, along with your loved ones. Therefore, consider various factors before you opt for any policy.

Just like you spend a lot of your precious time on researching the ideal bike for yourself, you must also take time and evaluate as well as compare various two-wheeler insurance policies online. Make sure to consider add-on covers while researching, along with other benefits provided by two-wheeler insurance.

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