All you need to know about Tata Sky 2 month cashback offer

DTH connections are commonplace now. Most households have made the switch from cable operators to DTH connections. The modularity and flexibility that DTH offers are probably the reason people use such plans. With competitive price points and great offers from the service providers, you can get good services at great price. Tata Sky recharge plans are becoming more personalized than ever before. ICICI bank users will get a two-month cashback when they make an annual recharge. A similar scheme is also in place for Bank of Baroda users. Even those who aren’t customers of these banks can avail such cashback.

Let us take a better look at the offers that Tata Sky is offering. Also, be mindful that you can even get cashback from the Airtel payments Bank platform if you make payment through there.

Tata Sky had announced that it will be offering two-month cashback if users recharge for 12 months. This exclusive cashback can be availed by only those people who use ICICI credit or debit cards. However, this is not just limited to ICICI customers only. Even people who do not use ICICI cards will get some benefits.

Offer is valid for 6 months too

It is also to be noted that this plan is also valid for 6 months. IN other words, if users recharge for 6 months, users will get a cashback of 1 month. In other words, one-sixth of the money paid or about 16.67% is being returned as cashback. The terms and conditions are similar to the 12-month offer. Only those users who are customers of ICICI bank will be able to avail the cashback. The offer is only valid till October 31, 2020.

Recharge needs to be done directly through the Tata Sky website

Customers need to note that in order to avail the cashback, the recharge should be done through the official website of Tata Sky. Alternatively, the mobile application from Tata Sky can also be used. Tata Sky has said that the cashback would be credited into the account of users within 7 working days. If users are getting cashback for two months, the cashback for the first month would be issued within 48 hours. The cashback for the second month would be offered within 7 working days.

Even Bank of Baroda customers can enjoy this offer

Tata Sky rechargeoffer would also be applicable for Bank of Baroda users. BOB users will get two-month cashback when they recharge the accounts for 12 months. However, the Bank of Baroda offer will be applicable for a longer tenure. Customers can take advantage of the offer till November 30, 2020. This offer is not valid for new customers. DTH recharge done on the day the Tata Sky account is activated will not receive such benefits.

Customers without ICICI or BOB cards can avail the offer

Even the users who do not have cards from these banks will be able to take advantage of the offer. However, only one-month cashback will be offered to such customers.

This is all you need to know before you go for your next Tata Sky recharge.

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