Different Types of Reusable Wine Bags & Totes Which Can Boost Your Marketing

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Businesses come up with different strategies to lure people and get them to buy their products and services. Out of the different attractive marketing gimmicks adopted by businesses, one of them is becoming very popular nowadays. It is the use of reusable totes and wine bags. These bags not just supports go-green initiative but also serves as a great marketing tool. There are different types of such bags available in the market. 

It takes love to create wine. Your customers should feel proud of the winery and appreciate the bags they receive to transport it home.

Wineries can use reusable wine bags as marketing tools. They are practical, useful, and they help reduce plastic pollution.

You have a unique product. Your customers should be able to take their bottled wine home in a bag. This is how you can make reusable wine bags that customers will love and reuse again and again.

How do reusable bags assist in marketing?

Every reusable bag has the potential to make an average of five thousand impressions during its lifespan. It has been seen that a reusable bag translates to more sales than a t-shirt. Increased sales translate into generation of more revenue in a business. By choosing a durable option that doesn’t damage within a few months or weeks, the number of impressions can be very high. 

To make it a tool for promotion of business services or products, these bags are custom imprinted with the logo or mission of the organization. By using these bags, your friends, family, business prospects, customers, and business partners will do marketing for your business. 

Custom Earth Promotions  one of the most reliable places to find the best quality eco-friendly, custom reusable bags. You can find large varieties of bags that are not just customized to suit the needs of customers but also takes a business’s marketing efforts to higher levels.

How can you sell these reusable bags to people?

Reusable bags are a long-lasting marketing tool that has enormous potential to earn you customer appreciation, enhance brand visibility and make more sales. To advertise your business, you would need a place where you can get a large number of people. 

One of the ways is to gift these bags as “promotional gifts” at your store. You can even put it on a display in a trade show or use your business place to sell these bags. All these options will make it easy for people to get your bags. To ensure that your bag is appealing and stands out, you can get them in a rainbow of colors with different hues and other designing options. 

Different types of reusable bags

Every bag is usable in its own way. Where structured bags are best suited for carrying heavy grocery items, cotton totes are ideal for beach or places where you need to carry less items. Some of the different types of reusable bags which are worth investing for your business marketing strategy are:

  • Non-Woven Bags
  • Cotton Totes
  • Full Color Imprint
  • Trunk organizer 
  • Trade or Show Bags
  • Rip Stop T-Shirt Bag
  • Recycled Bags
  • Biodegradable Bags
  • Rip Stop Nylon Bags


A reusable eco-friendly bag can be seen as one of the most effective, long lasting and affordable marketing ways that any business could adopt. These high quality and usable bags would definitely put a good image of business among its customers. To stand out among others and make potential impression on customers, these reusable bags could be an excellent marketing method. 

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