Gold trading a profit-making idea:

Gold trading is always considered as a profit-making idea for each and every one. And an experienced trader always advises everyone that do trade in gold bot only for long term. In long term the risk is very less as compared to short term/ short term can be very dangerous for inexperienced person. And that is why it is recommended if someone wants to trade in gold then always have a larger perspective. A short perspective can be very lethal and cause a loss of money. Which no one wants to happen with them.

Yes, trading in gold can be profiting idea for anyone. But only when someone trade gold for the future. Like buying in the current year and then selling it after one or two years. Only then the person can make money without any risk. And in short term gold trading there is a lot of risks involved.

Gold price always fluctuates

The price of gold always fluctuates in the market. Because it is not dependent on only one country. News from any country about gold can increase or decrease its price. That is whenever any news related to gold comes in the market the Gold bar price [ราคา ทอง คํา แท่ง, which is the term in Thai] gets up or down. It depends upon which kind of news it is. but the main thing about gold that after one or two years it will go higher than its current market price.

Buy only when it is down

Always try to buy the gold when the price is down. It doesn’t matter the market will go up or not. Just start buying it at every dip of the gold. So, in the future, one can make more profit by selling those gold which is bought at lower price.

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