How to use paid ads in best way

In every business, you need marketing. It does not matter if you are a fortune 500 or just a local business or a small online store, you need marketing to get customers. You need marketing to keep getting leads and new customers. That’s why you have to invest in paid ads. Paid ads help you get new leads and new customers.

Types of paid ads online

There are many types of paid ads but they are generally divided into types:

  • Search engine ads – like Google ads
  • Social media ads – like Facebook ads

You have to master them both if you want to take your business to new heights.

How to search engine ads

Search engine ads and social media ads are totally different. Search engine ads appear when someone inserts your targeted keyword in search box.

Google ads are to focus most if you are going to invest in search engine advertising. Google ads can be created with the help of Google Adwords. Google adwords price[ราคา google adwords, which is the term in Thai] can be fixed by you when you create an ad for Google. You are asked to fix a budget.

Google ads appear when someone searches for your target keyword. One of the major advantages with Google is that Google has a collection of websites where it displays your ad as well. This is called Google display network.

Social media advertising is a little different

Facebook ads are quite popular these days. Facebook ad manager also gives a lot of extra features to help you with creating better ads for Facebook audience.

On social media ads are shown on the front page of the people who have searched for something in your niche or something similar. If your blog is about cartoons and someone usually watches cartoon videos on Facebook or YouTube then your advertisement would be shown to them.

This way you can target the people who are your potential customers and are more likely to convert.

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