Influencer marketing – Role of purchased Instagram followers

Brands seeking to reach their target audiences use influencer marketing as one of their most powerful marketing strategies. Social media influencer marketing leverages social media influencers’ engaged fan bases and more than a billion monthly active users on Instagram alone. Having large followers is not the only metric brands look at when assessing potential influencers, but it remains one of them. For many influencers looking to grow their accounts and work with brands, purchasing Instagram followers is a crucial part of getting started.

Benefits of buying followers for new influencers

For aspiring influencers and those just starting, having an existing audience base – even if purchased – is crucial for appearing credible to brands. Some key benefits of buying Instagram followers include:

  • Appearing more established and influential to potential brand partners. A higher follower count signals that you have an engaged audience interested in your content. Brands are more likely to work with accounts that already have an audience.
  • Increased visibility and discovery. Accounts with more followers show up higher in search results and Instagram’s recommendation algorithm, making it easier to be discovered by new followers.
  • Accelerated growth. Having more followers makes it more likely for your posts to end up on the Explore page and for your account to be suggested to others to follow. This kickstarts viral growth.
  • Improved engagement. More followers usually lead to higher levels of engagement, including likes, comments, and shares. These metrics are attractive to brands.

Influencers who don’t have the time to build a large following can buy followers to appear established quickly. Instagram Followers from Famoid makes the account look credible, but not so many that it appears fake.

Best practices for buying instagram followers

If done right, buying followers kickstart your influencer marketing career. Here are some tips:

  • Buy followers gradually over time. Sudden spikes in followers look suspicious. Aim to grow a few hundred or thousand followers per week.
  • Research reputable sites and companies to buy from. Avoid “bot” followers. Seek sites that offer high-quality, active followers from real accounts. Famoid is a leading provider of such followers.
  • Focus on followers relevant to your niche. Purchasing followers with interests aligned with your brand looks more authentic.
  • Supplement bought followers with organic growth strategies. Continue engaging your real followers, and running promotions.
  • Be strategic with timing. Buy followers during high-activity periods or before pitching to brands to boost numbers.
  • Don’t buy followers alone. Increase engagement too with likes, and views.

An effective influencer marketing strategy combines purchased followers with authentic engagement and high-quality content. The extra followers act as social proof to make that first brand partnership happen.