Introduction to Ethernet

Ethernet คือ is a type of interaction procedure that attaches computer systems within what’s called a “computer network or LAN” and a “wide area network or WAN.” LAN as well as WAN link numerous gadgets, such as laptop computers and printers, buildings, within houses, as well as little communities.

Customers very closely connect the term “Ethernet” with the physical link in between a router or a computer system. That is since your laptop computer normally has an Ethernet port where you plug in one end of a wire, as well as link the other to a router. Nevertheless, as stated, words refer to the interaction typical itself.

Ethernet Origins

IEEE 802.3, which was specified by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers or IEEE, presented the policies or requirements governing using Ethernet. Throughout its launch in the 1980s, Ethernet technologies utilized a solitary coax cable where all devices in a town, determined by their media access to control or MAC addresses, are linked to. This very early Ethernet model was called “10BASE5,” which users colloquially described as “thicknet.”

The issue with this antiquated arrangement is that when there’s a problem with one computer, the whole network is affected. So-called “accidents” or what we currently referred to as “network congestion,” occur when gadgets “talk” with each other at one time. Therefore, communication between gadgets should happen together.

The arrival of twisted set cabling, as well as hubs and switches, have removed this technological issue. Individual connections now enable gadgets to transfer information separately without relying on the major cable television. Thus, in the configuration, troubles on a specific port will not influence other individuals on the network.

An additional significant improvement is Ethernet’s reach. At that time, links were limited to 100 meters from the switch to the gadget. Nevertheless, today’s fiber-optic technology has substantially extended the range in between endpoints.

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