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 Undoubtedly, despite the negative impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on people and business worldwide, it still has brought many good things that many people didn’t think would be beneficial. One of these blessings in disguise is the improved work-life balance by working remotely or at home.

However, physical remoteness posed challenges to many businesses who try to keep up to make the company survive or at least wade through the post-pandemic situation. To monitor text messages and voice calls became one of the biggest concerns regarding mobile compliance to ensure seamless workflow and productivity for both employees and key leaders.

Read on as TeleMessage share pivotal tips for the growth of businesses in the new normal.

Effective Communication in the Workplace

The backbone of any good business operation greatly depends on its efficient workplace communication. The gathering and sharing of information and the critical decision making for business make the home office setup challenging. And this why companies needed productivity tools and other engagement metrics to reach out to clients better.

WhatsApp and WeChat Use in the Workplace

Aside from the usual use of laptops or desktop computers, mobile communications came very handy in explaining business decisions and sharing business information; it gives an employee a 24/7 opportunity to engage with clients and prospective customers. Instant Messaging (IM) applications like WeChat and WhatsApp were extensively used, depending on the client’s preference. However, while these apps are convenient to use, some precautions need to be correctly observed as a single error can result in bad publicity.

Information Exchange using WhatsApp and WeChat

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app preferred by European clients, while Asian clients mostly use WeChat. These two prove extremely helpful for real-time communication, and should clients be informed with updated price lists or special promos, these apps help get the message across.

Learn more about mobile messaging by checking out this infographic.

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