Why everyone can benefit from media training

These days with social media and the 24-hour news cycle, a story can become global in seconds. Media training can be highly effective in helping business owners, CEO’s and executives develop the skills they need to get their message across in a confident, professional way. 

Businesspeople aren’t the only ones who can benefit from media training., Aathletes, politicians and experts in a particular field may also find themselves in front of the camera or facing a phone call from a journalist. 

The public relations experts at Adoni Media know firsthand how to effectively engage with the media with many years of journalism experience under their belt. Here is how you can benefit from media training.

Clearly and concisely define your key messages 

When interviewed by a journalist, In front of the camera you are representing yourself and your business, therefore your key messages need to be clear and assist in  in painting a positive picture for your entirepositioning your brand in a positive and credible way. Key messages need to be short, focused on your audience, focused on the benefits of your product or service and use the language that suits your audience. Once you know your key messages, you can refer to them consistently throughout a media interview to reiterate your point.

Develop prepared responses to difficult questions 

Most of the time you won’t know what questions you’re going to get asked by a journalist will ask you. If you are put on the spot or asked a difficult question, media training can help you prepare responses that will build your confidence overtime, and teach you ways to take control of the interview so that you can get back to delivering your key messages..

Learn to control the media interview

You are always in control of a media interview and media training can help you maintain your composure and create the outcome you want. This ties back to knowing your key messages and being able to respond confidently to difficult questions. 

Learn how to speak confidently and professionally 

Media training can teach you how to use your words, tone, and body language to deliver your messages in a powerful way. When you develop your confidence in speaking with the media, you will find your key messages will be communicated more clearly and effectively, and this translates into other areas of business such as addressing staff meetings, conducting town halls or pitching to investors. It even helps with explaining to family and friends what exactly it is you do..

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