How to Connect Your Office Using the Ethernet

How to Add an Ethernet Connection to Your Laptop

Nowadays, Computer networking is becoming indispensable, especially in offices and factories. The need to share information, transfer files or even program machines has led to an increase in the use of networking technologies. Ethernet is an example of such technologies. It allows two or more computers and devices to be connected to share resources. So if you’re wondering how to connect your office using Ethernet, you’re not far from the answer!

Firstly, Ethernet makes use of cables, also known as cords or wires to connect computers and devices to a network. The cable provides internet connection to all the computers connected to it. An Ethernet cable has two ports, one at each end and is inserted, one into the Ethernet plug of the computer and the other, into the internet plug. This provides a steady connection between the computers so connected and to other devices that may be connected to the network.

What to Benefit from Ethernet Connection

One of the advantages of connecting your office with Ethernet is fast communication. A standard Ethernet can send data at speed ranging from 10mbps to 100mbps. However, there is a high-performance Ethernet network known as the gigabit Ethernet, which can transmit data at a speed of 1 Gbps (a billion bits per second!).

The gigabit Ethernet was developed initially for high capacity servers and for transporting backbone networks. Still, the good news is that desktops and personal computers are now being designed to support its use. Hence for a faster communication, you might want to consider the gigabit Ethernet.

In conclusion, the Ethernet networking technology has made communication more comfortable and faster around homes and offices, and you wouldn’t want to miss this. Just take a few easy steps, and you will be connected.

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