What Is An Outdoor Advertising License All About?

The outdoor advertising is one of the best to consolidate your business name and promote your brand. It is a way to reach many potential customers. For instance, if you own a restaurant and want to attract the attention of potential customers with signs or advertising elements on the facade of the building, you will need a food advertising license (ฆอ, which is the term in Thai).

What Is An Outdoor Advertising License?

It is the administrative process by which permission is requested for the placement outside of a property or on the public highway of any element, announcing the activity carried out or advertising the goods or services it provides.

These elements can be signs, posters or awnings located on the facades, but they can also be advertising elements located on monoliths or structures erected for this purpose outside.

What Is Obtained Through This Application?

The license holders obtain, on one hand, the authorization of the works necessary for the installation of the supports or the necessary elements that allow the display of outdoor advertising and, on the other hand, the right to exercise the activity of advertising a commercial activity.

The installation works can only begin once the city council in question has formally communicated in a positive way, the permission to post announcements. The response time is approximately one month.

Where Can Outdoor Advertising Be Placed?

The outdoor advertising can be placed in front or on public roads. Those that can be located in the property are usually:

  • Rigid support: such as signs, posters, panels, lights, samples
  • Flexible support: awnings, banners, pennants, tarps, etc.

Is A Technical Project Necessary?

It depends on the complexity. However, it is necessary if the nature of the advertising elements has certain constructive and safety characteristics. For example, the installation of advertising posts, building crowning signs, and signs located on the top floors of the facade will surely require the presentation of a technical project to obtain the outdoor advertising license.

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