Silicone Bracelet: What You Need To Know

Bracelets have become a widely used accessory for everyone, not only because they can be personalized to be as decorative as possible, but also because of the many things you can do with them.

In addition to carrying personal messages and designs, they may also have slogans that can raise awareness for various reasons. This is why these thin rubber bands are sometimes called an awareness bracelet.

What Does The Silicone Bracelet Show Us?

The silicone bracelet is distinguished at first glance. These bracelets have an advertising function and are used for different reasons. Most rubber bands are manufactured with a width of 0.5 to 0.75 inches and a standard circumference.

The thickness generally depends on the shape of the bracelet and the purpose for which it is made. Most are standard one-inch measurements to ensure they are easy to use and fully flexible.

Silicone bracelets were first manufactured in the 1980s. They have been very popular ever since, because they are cheap and easy to customize. Rubber bracelets have gained even more popularity in recent years thanks to their use as a collection tool.

Why Is Silicone A Good Bracelet Material?

Silicone is one of the materials chosen for bracelets due to its high availability and ease of use. This material is easy to customize, very flexible, and easily colored in many different shades. The most important characteristics of the rubber used in the bracelet are similar to those found in the silicone rubber (ยาง ซิ ลิ โคน, which is the term in Thai).

These products are waterproof, have low toxicity, and best of all, they are not compatible with the growth of microbes. This product is also resistant to strong impact, wear, friction, and pressure. The bracelets in their manufacture undergo a process of mixing and casting that begins with the combination of material in a substance similar to the mass.

The silicone bracelet is produced relatively fast, and it is good that you can customize it according to your needs.

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